Indoor Plant Stands


The primary reason to use a plant stand is to elevate the plant – indoors or outdoors – which improves plant health care by making the plants more accessible. Indoor plant stands give an interesting depth to a plant collection, and, single or tiered, cart, shelving, or other design, can be the quintessential accent to your foyer, hall or any room. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors and materials as well as ones made for specific plants or for personal reasons; indoor/outdoor, decorative or basic. Hanging plant holders are great for plants like Spider Plants, while shelves or tables are good for Cylamen, African Violets, many varieties of succulent plants, and improving Orchid care. Stands with wheels on the bottom are great for moving large plants such as Palm Plants, potted Roses, and other tropical plants that might need a periodic change of environment. Custom-made plant stands can be unique and often fill a niche in the room that otherwise appeared useless. Floating shelves offer a sensational display for your plants. See how to install floating shelves :


Plant stands add an elegant touch to patio furniture, garden furniture, planters, beside raised garden beds, holding groupings of plant pots, at the side of a garden, near an Adirondack chair or under the edge of a patio umbrella where they are shielded from direct sunlight.

Indoor Plant Stands - Handcrafted Scroll and Lattice

Figure 1: Handcrafted Scroll and Lattice Plant Stand

Accessorize any room or patio area with beautiful plant stands made of scrolls and lattices. Figure 1 is a wonderful example of a handcrafted plant stand that can be used for indoor plants or with patio furniture.

Raising a plant to eye-level is visually appealing and makes it much easier to water, spray and prune. In addition, having a plant higher up can protect children and pets from poisonous plants. Size-wise, plan on about 3 inches of space around the flower pots; consider what surface the stand will be placed or hung on and make sure it will not tip over or fall. Shelving can be fastened to a wall for more stability.


Indoor Plant Stands - Elegant stands

Figure 2: Tiered Indoor Plant Stands

Selecting Indoor Plant Stands

Be careful to not let the plant stand take the focus from the plant; you want it to be serviceable, sturdy, and to just showcase your best indoor plants not ‘steal the scene.’ Figure 2 is a good example of elegant indoor plant stands and can be purchased through Amazon.  Buy a suitably-sized plant stand; too large or small can spoil the whole appearance. If you are purchasing a plant stand for  flowering plants you may want to buy it in a neutral color so the blooms become the highlight.

Lighted Indoor Plant Stands

Small indoor plant stands are a good solution if you have limited space at home or in the office.

Indoor Plant Stands - Office

Figure 3: Intelligent Plant Light in Office

Even many of the smaller stands offer 1-2 shelves, a tray, sometimes a tabletop light with a fluorescent fixture; some have humidity domes. Small indoor plant stands may have a wire frame to allow you to adjust the fixture height.

One computer operated indoor plant stand – Intelligent Plant Light – takes care of numerous gardening needs. The automated, computerized timer is responsible for lighting – turning it off and on and synchronizing the length of day with spring, summer, winter and fall. The base of the lamp is the indoor plant stand. A full spectrum light simulates the sun’s rays; an adjustable stem can handle plants from 4 inches to 12 inches or can also increase/decrease light intensity. A moisture sensor indicates just when the plant needs watered and the pebbled base catches and holds the water for extra humidity, the moisture sensor also keeps the pot from sitting in the water.

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